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Can I Drink Alcohol Before or During a Tattoo?Do You Do Cover-ups Or Fix-ups?Does It Hurt?How Much Will It Cost?
How Old Do I Have To Be To Get A Tattoo?Where Are You Located?
Can I Drink Alcohol Before or During a Tattoo?
No. Alcohol thins your blood causing you to bleed more and the blood to push the ink out.
Do You Do Cover-ups Or Fix-ups?
Yes I do but depending on the tattoo you may not get the exact design you wanted but we will make it as close to it as we can.
Does It Hurt?
Yes. However the pain will vary from person to person and location of the tattoo. It all depends on your pain threshold.
How Much Will It Cost?
Prices range from 100-180 an hour depending on the size, location and detail involved.
The best thing to do is come see us at 89c Jull St so we can measure the tattoo up and give you a quote.
How Old Do I Have To Be To Get A Tattoo?
In Western Australia the minimum age is 16 with written parental consent. You must display Photo ID or your Birth Certificate with another form of ID.
Where Are You Located?
We are located at 89c Jull St Armadale.
Next to McDonalds and under Dominos.


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